Our production plant

Industrial production

Oeno Concept production plant manufactures the wine-making equipments “Made in France” : Gyropalette®, riddling boxes, etc.

Our choice of proximity and the Made in France label



Our production plant is located in the Champagne-Ardenne region, close to our head office, so we can be sure of the durability of all our products.

This quality production unit, located in Mourmelon-le-Petit, enables us to turn your plans into reality.



This production site has a covered surface area of 8,000 sq. m. This is where we produce all our storage and riddling TSR® containers and boxes and all models of our Gyropalette®.


High tech

The factory is equipped with robot lines that gives it a high production capacity on both short and long production runs.

compétence industrielle


Our qualified teams of welders, fitters, electricians etc. are present in-house in Oeno Concept to carry out your wine processing installations.