remuage automatique champagne Gyropalette


Riddling machines

For the ‘remuage’ of your sparkling wines, see our Gyropalette® range, designed to be tough, reliable and up-to-the minute.

container de remuage stockage

Riddling boxes and TSR®

For storage and riddling, our TSR® and 504® boxes can fit all types of bottle shape.

pressoir Magnum et passerelle inox

Magnum® presses

Grapes press: 2000 kg to 8000 kg

Our Magnum® pneumatic stainless steel presses with openwork cages provide quality automatic pressing.

vinification cuve


Installed by our own team and ready for use, our fermentation solutions are developed by our research laboratories to suit your needs.

Remulab prix de l'innovation Viteff & SIMEI 2019

The Remulab get two innovation awards at 2019 Viteff and SIMEI exhibitions.

For more information about the Remulab click here.


Discover our full range for riddling process : Gyropalette®, controllers, riddling boxes and TSR® as well as our special boxes.

Second-hand riddling machines

Discover our second-hand riddling machines and Gyropalette®, as well as our second-hand riddling boxes and TSR®.

Our riddling machines

Our automatic riddling machines are manufactured in the Champagne region. We offer a complete range of Gyropalette®, from single cage to six cage, riddling 504 Champagne bottles and up to 3024 bottles in one automatic cycle.

Gyro Compact®

gyropalette gyro compact

An automatic riddler made for the smallest cellars with low ceiling height (less than 2m).

Gyropalette® Duo

gyropalette duo

An automatic riddler with two cages that can be doubled (two Gyropalette® can be upgraded to form a Quadra).

Gyropalette® Quadra

gyropalette quadra

Gyropalette® with four cages that can be installed side by side or back to back.

Gyropalette® 6 cages

gyropalette sextra

Automatic riddlers with six cages on 3 levels (Gyropalette® Sextra) or on 2 levels (Gyropalette® Hextra).

Equipment solutions for every stage of vinification

Manufacturer of Champagne bottle riddling machines, Oeno Concept accompanies you in making the right choice of Gyropalette® for the sparkling wine riddling. We also design riddling boxes, which are compatible with our automated riddling machines. Our wine bottles storage boxes are made in France, in Mourmelon le Petit. You will find the right materials for the storage of Champagne and other sparkling wines bottles.

We also provide a range of stainless-steel pneumatic presses, Magnum® brandeed, from 2000 to 8000 kg. The press tank is mirror-polished, which allows an easy cleaning between each press and a higher quality juice.

For the sparkling wine-making, we offer a range of vinification tank as well as yeast tank and sugar melter, made in the Champagne region.

Get to know our wine-making materials

We manufacture in France wine-making equipments for the elaboration of Champagne and all type of sparkling wine. From the automated riddling machine to the melting tank for ‘tirage’ liquor, Oeno Concept offers a large range of equipments for the making of Champagne using the traditional method.

Riddling boxes for all shapes of bottle

caisse de remuage monobloc 504

Our research laboratories can design riddling boxes suitable for all types of bottle.

Head-to-tail storage boxes

caisse fil de stockage tete beche

For head-to-tail storage of your bottles, see our foldable storage boxes.


Installation fermenteurs

Ensuring fermentation to within 1/10°: a range of vats for yeast and bacterial cultures to suit your needs.

Cold stabilisation

traitement des vins par le froid

Crystalloprocess (continuous processing) and plate heat-exchangers (batch processing) : optimal solutions for cold stabilisation of your wines.

Wine pumps

pompes vinicoles

Pumps suitable for transporting musts and wines.


fondoir à liqueur et sucre

A mixture of casein, sugar and bentonite : a patented process with no retention in the bottom of the vat and with suspension being possible even with a small volume.

Distribution of musts and wine systems

pipelines distribution des mouts

Our research laboratory takes charge of the engineering and installation of your vat room plans and stainless steel pipelines.

Vat room and installation of walkways

cuverie et installation de passerelles

Call on our teams for installation of made-to-measure vats and walkways.

A preventative and remedial maintenance service

Our teams are ready throughout the year to help with the installation of riddling and pressing equipment. We are always ready to respond to all your questions about the use of our products.

We can offer a service to ensure the durability of your equipment. Our technicians take care of the maintenance and checking of the mechanical and automatic parts of your riddling and pressing equipment.

Our expertise is the result of 40 years’ experience.



Our close ties with big buyers and inter-professional organisations allows us to design and manufacture products that meet and anticipate your needs, ensuring our place as the world leader in automated riddling.



Our research laboratory is ready to meet your expectations, needs and constraints. Oeno Concept holds several patents and is working  on industrial research and development programmes with engineering schools and the University of Reims Champagne-Ardennes.



We work closely with our production plant to ensure the quality and durability of our products. Our production plant is therefore located in the department of Marne, less than an hour away from our head office.



Our international network of specialist agents will respond to your needs and ensure that you benefit from the expertise behind the “Made in France”  label. They can offer you our ranges of wine-making equipment as well as our automated bottles riddlers Gyropalette® or 504® bottles riddling boxes. We have a presence in 45 countries across five continents.

Oeno Concept : an inventor and leader in the field of riddling of sparkling wines.

siege social oeno concept

With 40 years’ expertise behind us, and always in the forefront of innovation, Oeno Concept manufactures in France its range of riddling machines Gyropalette®. Since the invention of this machine in the 1970’s, we have been the leader in the field of riddling of sparkling wines.

Oeno Concept  is located in the heart of the Champagne vineyards, involved in all areas of wine processing and, with the help of its industrial production plant, develops, produces and markets its range of wine-making products, equipment and installation services for wine processing.

  • The Gyropalette® range, for riddling of sparkling wines
  • TSR® riddling and storage containers and boxes for sparkling wines
  • The Magnum® range, & pressing centers integration
  • Installations  for cold stabilisation of wines: plate heat-exchanger (batch processing) and Crystalloprocess (continuous processing)
  • Range of fermenters and specialised vats
  • Setting up of complete, traditional-method production lines for first-time buyers
  • Equipment and automation for wine processing.

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