From the yeast tank to the vat room, we can offer vinification solutions to meet your expectations. Our researches laboratory will respond to all your requests for tailor-made installations.

Vinification equipment

Yeast tank

For culturing yeasts and bacteria, we can offer a range of yeast tanks to meet your needs. Choose a classic or agglomerating yeast propagator (from 6.5 to 60 hectolitres). Our yeast tanks also allow you to propagate malolactic bacteria.

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For your tailor-made vatroom installations, call on our experience and advice. Feasibility, volume and functions: our technical and commercial specialists will guide you through installation of your vats.

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Sugar mixing tanks

Our sugar mixing tanks allow you to carry out big bag sugar melting of 750 to 1,000 kg in just 15 minutes. The patented mixing principle allows the liquor to homogenise very rapidly. Our sugar melters, ranging from 7 to 26 hectolitres, only require one person to do the loading and leave no retained sugar in the bottom of the vat.

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The Crystalloprocess was created by Oeno Concept over 15 years ago and is the only equipment for continuous cold stabilisation of wines that optimizes all parameters: treatment temperature, agitation, crystal concentration, crystal size, contact time.

For further information about this equipment for continuous tartaric cold stabilisation, contact our specialists.

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Plate heat exchanger

For cold stabilisation of wines, choose the double-walled plate heat exchanger, which combines optimal heat transfer with increased protection against mixing of fluids.

A well-tested model offering the solution for chilling and reheating of peripheral process elements.

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Vat room environment

Walkways and stairways

To provide completely safe access to the vats, we can offer installation of walkways and stairways matched to your premises. Our walkways and stairways, made of galvanised or stainless-steel, are researched and made to measure.

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Pipework system

For your pipework system projects, call on our research laboratory, œnologists and our sales engineers. They will take charge of meeting your expectations in creating or modifying your vat room network, using reliable, durable materials matched to your product.

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Stainless-steel gutters and grills

To maintain fermenting room floors in an optimal state of cleanliness, choose from our range of stainless-steel equipment.

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In addition to our vinification equipment, discover our services to help you in your wine-making.

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