Inventor and leader in the field of riddling of sparkling wines

With 50 years’ expertise behind us, and always in the forefront of innovation, Oeno Concept manufactures in France its range of riddling machines Gyropalette®.

Since the invention of this machine in the 1970’s, we have been the leader in the field of riddling of sparkling wines.

Located in the heart of the Champagne vineyards, Oeno Concept, with the help of its industrial production plant, develops, produces and markets its range of wine-making products, equipment and installation services for wine processing.


Our close ties with big buyers and inter-professional organizations allow us to design and manufacture products that meet and anticipate your needs, ensuring our place as the world leader in automated riddling.


Our researches laboratory (Automatism and Mecanic) is ready to meet your expectations, needs and constraints. Oeno Concept holds several patents and offer you products and services made-to-measure and adapted to your needs.


We made Gyropalette®, riddling boxes and the riddling accessories in our manufacture located in the Marne department at Mourmelon-le-Petit. We work closely with our production plant to ensure the quality and durability of our products.


Distribute Our international network of specialist agents will respond to your needs and ensure you that you benefit from the expertise behind the “Made in France”. We have a presence in 45 countries across 5 continents.


We help you to become again actor of the riddling by mastering in an innovative way the deposit evolution in the heart of your bottles to preserve the quality.

Our expertise

Made in Champagne

Our Gyropalette® range, riddling boxes and TSR® are manufactured in our plant located is in Champagne region, in Mourmelon-le-Petit.


Our production plant is located in the Champagne-Ardenne region, close to our head office, so we can be sure of the durability of all our products.


We produce all our riddling and storage containers (TSR®, 504® boxes) and all models of our Gyropalette®. Our research laboratories located in our plant are in contact to design our machines.

High tech

The factory is equipped with robot lines that gives it a high production capacity on both short and long production runs.


Our qualified teams of welders, fitters, electricians etc. are present in-house in Oeno Concept to carry out your wine processing installations.

Over the year,

our automatic riddlers have evolved to meet the Champagne makers and all the sparkling wines makers needs. Oeno Concept team have also improved the complementary riddling equipment (doors, riddling boxes and containers, etc) to ease their use or make possible the automation of the production chain.

In a few figures

16 500

Riddling units installed and in use, amounting to almost 400,000,000 bottles riddled every year throughout the world, using our Gyropalette®.


Oeno Concept and its production plant has more than 65 employees, who are responsible for an annual turnover of €11 million, of which 50% is from exports.


We ensure you our products distribution by our agents all around the world in 45 countries and across 5 continents.


Over 200 recommendations concerning special containers developed by our research laboratory. Magnum, Demie, Jeroboam, etc., a container to suit every bottle. More than 550,000 containers have been produced since the 1980’s.

  1. 1968

    Invention of the concept of “gyro-palette” by Claude Cazals and Jacques Ducoin.

  2. 1970

    Marketing of the 1st generation Gyropalette®.

  3. 1982

    Invention of unit controls for Gyropalette®, automation of riddling.

  4. 1983

    The 2nd generation of Gyropalette®: the single cage (MMSC) and the double cage (MMDC), is launched.

  5. 1984

    A patent is filed for the riddling container TSR® (handling by hooks).

  6. 1994

    The 3rd generation of Gyropalette®, Gyroflex, Duo, Quadra, Hextra, Sextra, is launched.

  7. 1995

    A patent is filed for the automatic cage (automatic anchoring for bottles riddler).

  8. 2000

    A patent is filed for the automatic riddling door (spring door).

  9. 2001-2005

    The Nivocontrol® is launched, a patent is filed for the Sulficontrol®.

  10. 2007

    The Oenovar 200® pump is launched

  11. 2008

    Beginning researches for the laboratory riddler.

  12. 2011

    VITeff innovation prize for the head-to-tail storage kit.

  13. 2013

    Invention of the test Gyroflex.

  14. 2015

    Marketing of a new Gyropalette®: the Gyro Compact®.

  15. 2019

    Innovation awards for the Remulab at the Viteff 2019 and the SIMEI 2019.

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