Find below our range of Magnum® pneumatic presses with open cage for the pressing of your grapes. All our presses are stainless steel built, with inside mirror-polish finished.

You will also find all the equipment needed for your press environment: collection tanks, stainless steel walkways and stairs, extraction screws, aignes tubs, pipelines for your juices distribution, etc.

Magnum® presses

Pneumatic presses

Our stainless-steel pneumatic presses from 2 000 to 8 000 kg with open cage fit your premises: right or left loading, reversible tray on the front / back, left / right. Thanks to the inside mirror-polish, the Magnum® presses provide a high-quality juice and an easy washing. The press doors can be opened manually or automatically.

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With our presses, discover the integrated touch console: ergonomic, reliable, practice, it allows to launch pressing cycles, and to control it in complete serenity.
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Pressing control

Distribution of juices

Installation of made-to-measure, stainless-steel pipelines to carry musts from the press. We install your made-to-measure piping systems with valves and rotator arms.

Contact us with any request for pipelines to fit your installation.


This patented level detector can be used for many applications: harvesting, decanting, assemblage, buffer tanks, valve control. 

Contact us with any request for pipelines to fit your installation.


This patented sulphiting device for musts is based on a system of electrically controlled pinch valves governed by a control module. On its remote-control box, select the fraction and dose in relation to the cycle and the pressing stage. 

Contact us with any request for pipelines to fit your installation.

Press environment

Walkways and stairways

We research and produce your tailor-made walkways suspended directly from your press or independently on posts. Our galvanized or stainless-steel walkways and stairways facilitate loading of the Magnum® press. 

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Belons : collection tank

All our belons have quality approval from the pressing center. Complete your pressing equipment by adding a stainless steel or PVC belon for fractionation of your musts.

Our trade technicians will advise you on the choice of belon that is best suited to your process. 

Contact us with any request for pipelines to fit your installation.

Removal of skins, stalks and seeds (aignes)

For direct removal of aignes after pressing, choose made-to-measure extraction screws or aignes tubs. Whether it’s painted, galvanised or in stainless-steel, you’ll find the after-pressing aignes removal system you need. We can offer you the best aignes removal system to suit your installation.

Contact us with any request for pipelines to fit your installation.

Stainless-steel gutters and grills

To maintain fermenting room floors in an optimal state of cleanliness, choose from our range of stainless-steel equipment.

Contact us with any request for stainless steel gutters or grills.

Piping system

Our research laboratory will take charge of your pipework installation projects. Our œnologists and technical also commercial specialists will advise you on the creation or modification of your vat room network. Call on our specialists to install your pipelines, made-to-measure to suit your product. 

Boxes conveyor

We research, design and install your made-to-measure boxes conveyor. Reduce handling after loading grape boxes into the press, choose an automated box conveyor.

Contact us for any box conveyor project.

Boxes washer

Range of stainless steel and polyethylene boxes washer. Many water recoveries compartments sizes.

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Discover also our wine-making equipment for your vinification process.

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