Our expertise

With 40 years’ expertise behind us, and always in the forefront of innovation, Oeno Concept, inventor of Gyropalette®, is the leader in the field of riddling of sparkling wines.

Made in the Champagne region

french flag / drapeau français

Our automatic sparkling wine bottle riddling machines are manufactured in France, more precisely in the Champagne region. The whole range of Gyropalette® is made in Marne region, in Mourmelon-le-Petit, in our production plant. It is there that also manufactured our 504 bottles riddling boxes as well as our TSR® container.

A location in the heart of vineyards

Champagne vineyard

Our commercial premises, as well as those of our production plant, are located in the heart of the Champagne vineyards. We opted for geographical proximity in order to develop, produce and market our product ranges and our equipment for the wine producing industry.

Our wine-making equipments for the elaboration of Champagne come from the Marne region, our automated riddling machines are manufactured in Mourmelon-le-Petit.

Our range of expertise


remuage automatique Gyropalette champagne

The Gyropalette® range, for riddling of sparkling wines.

Our research laboratory designs your riddling installations and our technical teams install the Gyro-pallet on your premises.


Stockage containers remuage TSR

Riddling and storage TSR® containers and boxes for sparkling wines.

Our research laboratory develops special containers to fit all bottle formats.


pressoir pneumatique à membrane

The Magnum® range of wine presses and complete installation of pressing centre.

Installation of pressing equipment: belons, aignes tubs, extraction screws, walkways, etc.


vinification cuverie inox

Installations  for cold stabilisation of wines: plate heat-exchanger (batch processing) and Crystalloprocess (continuous processing)

Range of yeast tanks and specialised vats.

Setting up of complete, traditional-method production lines for first-time buyers (for export).

Vital statistics

16 500

Riddling units installed and in use, amounting to almost 400,000,000 bottles riddled every year throughout the world, using our Gyropalettes®.


Over 200 recommendations concerning special containers developed by our research laboratory. Magnum, Demie, Jeroboam, etc., a container to suit every bottle. More than 550,000 containers have been produced since the 1980’s.


Oeno Concept and its production plant has more than 60 employees, who are responsible for an annual turnover of €10 million, of which 33% is from exports.


We have a presence in 45 countries across five continents.


Our engineers, œnologists and project teams can undertake the complete installation of your pressing centres and vat rooms in line with your specifications. Your projects of Gyro-pallet installation can also be studied by our riddling experts : fitting to your premises, space optimisation, etc.


Oeno Concept is also involved in industrial research and development programmes, in collaboration with national engineering colleges and the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne.


For about 40 years, our teams have worked to develop the Gyropalette®. This automatic riddler has evolved a lot since the 1st generation (GH), then the 2nd generation (MMSC / MMDC) in the 80’s and up to the 3rd generation (Quadra).