Our innovations

We design innovations to improve wine production process.

Our close ties with big buyers and inter-professional organisations allows us to anticipate expectations and developments in the wine industry.

Before manufacture, our products are designed to meet your needs.

Find out our innovations for riddling (Gyropalette®) and storage (adaptations for storage in riddling boxes).

Innovations products


Gyro Compact®

gyro compact

Compact riddling device, with limited space requirement, suited to all type of cellars. This small Gyropalette® is made to be installed in premises with low ceiling height (less than 2 meters). The Gyro Compact® can riddle several type of bottles in the same riddling cage.

The Gyro Compact® is made to riddle the box 255.

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Trial Gyro

nos innovations gyro d'essai

Completing the Gyropalette® range, this equipment is made for riddling of small batches, ends of vats, trials of liquor and sending of samples to competitions.

The trial tray, installed on the Gyroflex, allows an optimum observation of the bottles during the riddling cycle.

Find more about the Gyroflex.



nos innovations remulab

Monitoring and imaging of changes in deposits in relation to riddling cycles. The Remulab is an analysis device, allowing the observation of conduct and move of the deposit in real time during riddling.

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Head-to-tail stacking kit for containers.

Viteff Prize for Innovation 2011

Kit de calage tête bêche : prix innovation Viteff

A stacking system making it possible to use riddling boxes and TSR® containers for head-to-tail storage of corked and wired bottles after disgorging.

Our innovation strategy

Oeno Concept innovations products are designed in our premises and imagined by our technical and engineering services.

Our teams, made up of œnologists and engineers, work to invent procedures and machines that can improve the wine production process.

We use this never-ending quest for innovation for the benefit of our clients in all our tailor-made services.