See below for our Gyropalette® range to riddle sparkling wines. We can supply the wine processing solution you need for automated riddling of your Champagne or Crémant.

Our automatic riddlers are manufactured in France, more precisely in the Champagne region.

We are manufacturer of wine-making products, our riddling machine are made for Champagne makers as well as producers of sparkling wine made using the traditional method.

made in france


Multiformat Gyroflex

The ideal mobile, automatic riddler for confined spaces. To riddle a variety of bottle formats in a single cycle. The Multiformat Gyroflex is ideal for production of up to 12,000 bottles per year.

Gyro Compact®

The footprint of this riddler has been reduced to fit into even the smallest cellars. The Gyro Compact® is suitable for production of up to 15,000 bottles per year. This Gyro-pallet can riddle several bottle formats thanks to its specially-adapted box 255.

Gyropalette® Single Cage

The Single Cage is suitable for most cellars, especially those with restricted space. It is intended to riddle standard containers and guarantees problem-free, automated riddling of your sparkling wine. This automatic riddler is ideal for production of up to 35,000 bottles per year.

Gyropalette® Double Cage

This automatic riddler with two cages can be used on its own, stacked and/or placed side by side without any loss of space. It is suitable to riddle sparkling wine such as Cremant, for production of up to 75,000 bottles per year.

Our automated riddlers, manufactured in France, are sturdy, reliable but also up-to-the-minute. Furthermore they are designed to be easy and efficient to use.

In addition, to complete your wine processing equipment, choose the boxes or TSR® to ensure safe riddling of your sparkling wine (cremant, cava, sekt, etc).

Gyropalette® Duo

This Gyropalette® is sturdy and upgradable, indeed it can be transformed into a Quadra without any loss of space. Furthermore this automatic riddler can be installed in a bank formation (side by side) for a small cost. The Duo is suitable for production of 50,000 to 75,000 bottles per year.

Gyropalette® Quadra

This four-cage Gyropalette® can be installed in a bank formation. Positioning this riddling equipment side by side or back to back allows you to optimise space in your cellar. The Quadra is suitable for production of 100,000 to 150,000 bottles per year.

Gyropalette® Hextra

With its six cages positioned on two levels, this Gyro-pallet is suited for riddling in premises with a low ceiling height. The Hextra can be positioned alongside other equipment. Suitable for production of 150,000 to 220,000 bottles per year.

Gyropalette® Sextra

This Gyropalette® with its six cages, positioned on 3 levels, is the solution for making the best use of the ceiling height in your cellar. Due to its small 8m² footprint, this automatic riddler saves space! Suitable for production of 150,000 to 220,000 bottles per year.

Loading and unloading of riddling boxes in Gyropalette®

Loading and unloading the riddling boxes in the Gyropalette® is quite easy to do. The person in charge of this handling must have the required qualification.

Watch now our videos showing how to load and unload the riddling boxes in the cages of our automatic riddlers.


automate simple / single unit control

V2 Single unit control

The single control module that makes it possible to manage the cycles of your Gyropalette® in a simple and precise manner. You can easily make modifications to the riddling programs from the control console. Furthermore you can create your own programme using the Gyroprog® software.

V3 extended control

This extended unit control allows you to manage up to 12 Gyropalettes®. For large automated riddling installations, several control panels can be connected in phase, to achieve more effective management of riddling cycles from a single control panel.


The supervision allows to verify at anytime that the riddling cycle is running properly. The surveillance is carried out from a distance on a dedicated PC.

For more informations, contact one of our sales representative.


This software enables you to create your own riddling programs. Compatible with Windows®, it doesn’t need to be installed on your PC. With a USB key dongle, you can easily transfer the programs to the riddler.

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