We have been supported your sparkling wine-making process for 40 years. We manufacture in the Champagne region our riddling boxes and TSR®, and also our Gyropalette® and controllers. Our teams advise you the proper equipment for your premises and production.

All our products are made for ‘methode traditionnelle’ sparkling wine-makers.

made in france

Automatic riddling machine Gyropalette®


Made in the Champagne region, our automatic riddlers are sturd, efficient and very precise (16th turn, tilting at the degree). Discover our range of Gyropalette®, from one to six cages, that adapt to your premises configuration and that can be side-to-side or back-to-back.

Riddling boxes and TSR®

caisse de remuage monobloc® / riddling box with hooks

Sturdy and sustainable, our 504® boxes and TSR® are made in the Champagne region, in our factory in Mourmelon-le-Petit. Discover our range and find the solution adapted to your process : box or TSR®. Our riddling boxes and containers are stackable up to 5 heights.

Special riddling boxes and TSR®

caisse speciale bouteilles roses

We made-to-measure the boxes and TSR® adapted to your bottles. Numerous references have already been developed : demie, Magnum, Trentenaire, Symphonie, Collio, Ocarina, etc. Our special boxes are compatible with all the cages of Gyropalette®.

Controllers for Gyropalette®

Automate de remuage devant un Gyropalette

The controllers for the Gyropalette® are easy-to-use. They can store up to 9 riddling programs in memory and can easily copy new ones. At the end of the cycle, they automatically put the cages in unloading position.

Riddling accessories


6th side grids, gates, attachment, … Discover our accessories that will complete your boxes or TSR®. Our products adapt to your process, whether it is automated or manual. We propose sturdy, sustainable and good-quality gates and 6th side grid, as well as wooden separators suited for special bottles.


bouteille avec dépôt en cours de remuage

Genuine analysis tool, the Remulab allows to watch the sediment movement in the bottle during a riddling cycle. Faithfully reproducing the Gyropalette® movements, the Remulab captures image by image the evolution of sediments inside the bottle (whether it has a traditional or special shape, no matter the colour of the bottle (green, white, etc)).