Find below our range of Gyropalette® for the riddling of Champagne and all sparkling wines (cremant, cava, prosecco, etc).

All our automatic riddlers are made in France, in the Champagne region.

We manufacture wine-making equipments, our riddling equipment are made for Champagne and “methode traditionnelle” sparkling-wine makers .

made in france

Gyropalette® riddling machine

Gyro Compact®

The dimensions of this automatic riddler has been reduced to adapt to the smallest cellars. Indeed, the Gyro Compact® can be installed in places with 2 meters high ceilings. It is suitable for productions up to 15 000 bottles per year. This Gyropalette® can riddle several bottle shapes thanks to the 255 riddling box.

Single Cage “MMSC”
(Mono-Mât Simple Cage)

The single cage Gyropalette® is a riddling machine adapted to most cellars, and particularly small ones. It is made to riddle 504 bottles boxes and easily ensure the automated riddling of your sparkling wines. This single cage is made for productions up to 35 000 bottles per year.

Double cage “MMDC”
(Mono-Mât Double Cage)

The Double Cage can be used alone, be superimposed and/or adjoined without loss of space. This machine riddle two 504 boxes in one cycle. It is suitable for all ‘methode traditionnelle’ sparkling wines, up to 75 000 bottles per year.

Designed for an easy and efficient use, our riddling machines, made in France, are trusted, sturdy but also evolutionary (possibility to transform a Double Cage in a Four Cage by superimposition for example).

In addition to our riddlers, choose the 504 boxes or TSR® that will best suit your installation.

Gyropalette® Duo

The Gyropalette® Duo is sturdy and evolutionary : it can be transformed into a Quadra without loss of space. It can also be installed side to side at low cost. This automatic champagne bottles riddler is suitable for productions from 50 000 to 75 000 bottles per year.

Gyropalette® Quadra

This riddling machine has four cages and can be adjoined : the side-to-side or back-to-back disposition allows to optimize your cellar space. The Quadra suits the productions of sparkling wines from 100 000 to 150 000 bottles per year.

Gyropalette® Hextra

With six cages on 2 levels, this automated bottles riddler is suitable for low-ceiling premises. The Gyropalette® Hextra can be adjoined to other riddling machines. It is adequate for productions from 150 000 to 220 000 bottles per year. 

Gyropalette® Sextra

This six cages Gyropalette® on 3 levels is the solution to optimize your high-ceiling cellar. This riddling machine has a footprint of only 8m². It is suitable for productions from 150 000 to 220 000 bottles per year. 

Loading and unloading the Gyropalette® cages

To load and unload the riddling boxes in Gyropalette® is quite simple. The person in charge of these operations must have the required qualification.

Watch now the videos showing how to load and unload the riddling boxes in Gyropalette® cages.