Remulab : recordable et exploitable visualisation of the comportment and moving of the deposit during riddling cycles.

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Remulab dans une cave avec Gyropalette

Observe the sediments move inside the bottle during riddling.

The Remulab is an alysis tool that faithfully reproduces the rotation and tilting of an automatic riddler Gyropalette®. Its integrated camera follows the bottle during the whole riddling cycle and capture image by image the moving of the deposit.

depot dans col de bouteille rosee
bouteille avec dépôt en cours de remuage
rendu video d'une bouteille au cours du remuage




Find a time-saving and qualitative riddling program. Observe how the sediments move in the bottle and make the necessary adjustments on your program.

Enhance the quality of your wine by anticipating any sediments problems before riddling and by analysing its movement all along the cycle.

Test the efficiency of new adjuvants and all type of oenological products or see how the sediments move in a new shape of bottle.

Watch the deposit move inside the bottle