Riddling accessories

Choose the riddling accessories that will adapt to your needs. The riddling doors are necessary to riddle your 504® boxes or TSR® containers. The 6th side grids will secure your bottles during storage and transport.

We also propose other riddling accessories : the attachment which will allow you to handle the TSR® container, the wood stacking trays for special bottles and loading stirrup.

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Riddling doors

The necessary 5th face to secure your sparkling bottles during riddling.

Sliding door

portillon coulissant / sliding door

Composed of two half-doors that disassemble, the sliding door is adapted for automated bottles unloading, before disgorging. Locking handles ensure the closing of this door.

4 point door

Portillon emboîtable / 4-point door

The 4 point door is composed of 2 lockable half-doors. It adapts to both manual and automatic process. The locking is ensure by a tightening key.

Spring door

portillon à ressort / spring door

The spring door is economical and fast to install. Made for a manual use, it doesn’t require any tool for its installation or uninstallation.

6th side grid

The 6th side grid is necessary for the safe handling the riddling boxes. It entirely closes the box or container and ensure the storage on sides of your champagne, cremant and all sparkling wines.

Standard 6th side grid

grille sixieme face standard

Reinforced 6th side grid

Grille 6e face renforcee / Reinforced 6th face grid

Transport 6th side grid

Grille 6e face de transport / 6th face grid for transport

Other riddling accessories

Wooden separators for special bottles

calage bois / wooden separators

These wooden separators are for positioning in the TSR® containers and boxes for riddling small quantities of special bottles.


The hook prehension system adapts itself to your forklift to handle the riddling boxes and TSR®, bottles on sides or neck-down. Exists in 2 versions : simple attachment for a hook prehension only, mixt attachment for both hooks and forks prehension.

Loading stirrup with toggle clamp

Designed to facilitate the installation of the spacer bar after loading the bottles, the loading stirrup requires few effort thanks to the lever system.

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