Riddling boxes and TSR®

For the riddling of cremant or champagne bottles, choose our boxes 504® or containers TSR® adapted to your constraints. All our riddling boxes are available in standard format (traditional bottles) or in special format.

We manufacture the riddling boxes and TSR® for special bottles.

made in france


(Bottling, Storage, Riddling)

Use the riddling container TSR® to store and riddle 504 bottles in a Gyropalette®. Thanks to its rigidity, the TSR® can be used from bottling to disgorging. You don’t handle the bottles during the whole process. Its hooks prehension system facilitates the TSR®, whether the bottles are on racks or on necks. The container TSR® optimizes the storage volume, thus allowing to save space of nearly 20%.

Riddling box 504®
with hooks

Strength and sustainability define this monobloc box which can contain 504 bottles. Made to be used with our riddlers of our Gyropalette® range, it can be use from bottling to disgorging. A classic forklift handles the riddling box, bottles on racks or neck down.

Riddling bolted box

This riddling box is dismountable to facilitate the transport and storage. The bolted box is adapted to all our Gyropalette®. It can contain 504 bottles and be stacked on 4 heights with bottles on racks and on 3 heights with bottles neck down. Lifting by forks with a classic forklift.

Monobloc riddling box
without hooks

The monoblox box without boxes also called “V2” can be handled with forks only. Made to be riddled in a Gyropalette®, it can be used from bottling to disgorging without bottles handling. The V2 monobloc box can contain 504 standard bottles, but also 216 magnums or 975 half-bottles (with special stacking trays).

caisse de remuage 255 / 255 riddling box

Riddling box 255

This riddling box is specially designed for riddling your bottles in the Gyro Compact®. The interchangeable internal separators make it possible to riddle 255 traditional Champagne bottles, 255 Cremant bottles, 378 37.5 cl bottles and 84 Magnums in a single cage.

Contact us with any requests for separators to arrange your special bottles in riddling cages.