Second-hand equipment

See our second-hand equipment : Gyropalette® and accessories

Gyropalette® and accessories, containers for riddling and storage.

All second-hand equipments will be serviced before being offered for sale.

The second hand Gyropalette® offered for sale are revised : our technicians control the mechanical elements and check all the electrical equipment. They operate the greasing points which are needed. The riddlers are then tested (manual and automatic functions) in rotation and tilting.

If you are interested in a second-hand equipment or for further informations, please contact us at the following e-mail address  :

The second-hand equipments offered for sale on this page are frequently updated, however we advise you to contact us for information about availability of our products displayed on this page.

Riddling boxes 504®

Caisse de remuage monobloc® / riddling box with hooks

Second-hand boxes, for the riddling of 504 Champagne bottles. Suitable for the riddling of sparkling wine bottles made with the traditionnal method.

Gyropalette® GH

occasion Gyropalette GH

Second-hand Gyropalette® GH is perfect for the riddling of your Champagne bottles, it contains 504 bottles. We completely check the machine before selling. This long-lasting reliable device is ideal for bottles riddling.

Reinforced 6th side grid

Grille 6e face renforcee / Reinforced 6th face grid

The second-hand reinforced 6th side grids allow to maintain your conical shape bottles in the box during the riddling.

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