For riddling of your Champagne or Cremant bottles, choose the riddling boxes or TSR® containers, designed to meet your needs. We can research and adapt special riddling containers to suit the format of your special bottles.

Discover below the details of our storage boxes that can be stacked in up to five heights. You will also find our head-to-tail holding kit to store your bottles in riddling boxes.

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TSR® container

Use the TSR® riddling container for storage and riddling of 504 bottles. The TSR® is highly rigid and can be used from tirage to disgorging. You don’t need to manually handle any bottles throughout the whole of the processing. The lifting system based on hooks facilitates the handling of TSR® containers with bottles stored on their sides or neck-down. The TSR® container optimises storage volumes by achieving a space gain of almost 20%.

504® riddling box
with hooks

The characteristic features of this 504® riddling box are strength and sturdiness and the fact that it holds 504 bottles. Designed for use with our automated riddlers, it can be employed from tirage to disgorging. The tracks for forks make it possible to handle the riddling box using a normal forklift, with bottles stored on their sides or neck-down.

Riddling bolted box

This riddling box is collapsible to facilitate transport and storage. The riddling bolted box is suitable for use with all our riddling equipment. It can hold 504 bottles and be stacked four-high with bottles stored on their sides and three-high with bottles stored neck-down.  Lifting using forks with a normal forklift truck.

Riddling box
without hooks

The riddling box without hooks is handled with a normal forklift. It can be employed from tirage to disgorging without any bottles handling. It can contain 504 Champagne bottles, 216 magnums or 975 37.5 cl bottles. For use with our Gyropalette®.

caisse de remuage 255 / 255 riddling box

Riddling box 255

This riddling box is specially designed for riddling your bottles in the Gyro Compact®. The interchangeable internal separators make it possible to riddle 255 traditional Champagne bottles, 255 Cremant bottles, 378 37.5 cl bottles and 84 Magnums in a single cage.

Contact us with any requests for separators to arrange your special bottles in riddling cages. .


Special riddling containers

These containers have been researched specifically for riddling and storage of your special bottles. Our research laboratory has developed over 200 data sets for boxes and TSR® containers, allowing riddling and storage of any special bottle. We collaborate with the largest glass companies on the design of special containers that match the various formats of your bottles.

Contact us with any requests for separators to arrange your special bottles in riddling cages.

Riddling capacity of special bottles

Special bottle Capacity
37.5 cl bottle (demie) 975
Magnum 216
Trentenaire V2 420
Symphonie 420
Grand Cru 440
Mélodie 420
Collio Pesante 440


Foldable storage box for Champagne bottles

This foldable sillage storage case is designed to store 339 Chapagne bottles neck-down and 500 bottles on their sides. Made with metal wires, this sillage container is ideal to store your sparkling wine bottles before and after disgorging.

Foldable storage box for Magnum and 37.5 cl (demie) bottles

With this champagne bottles storage box, you can use separators to store your Magnum and 37.5cl bottles and other shape of bottles.


Riddling door

The 5th indispensable face to close the riddling box and container and enable riddling to take place. Three types of doors are available:

  • a spring door, as an economical solution,
  • a 4-point door for safety, with two boltable half-doors,
  • and a sliding door for automated release.

The 6th side grid

The 6th side grille is essential for the safe handling of riddling containers. It completely closes the cage or container and allows you to store your bottles of Champagne and Cremant on their sides securely.

Rack de stockage pour grilles 6ème face

Storage rack for 6th side grids

This storage rack has been made to store your 6th side grids. Stackable up to 5 height, it can contained 56 6th side grids or riddling doors.

kit de calage tête bêche / head-to-tail holding kit

Head-to-tail holding kit

Use your riddling box and TSR® container for head-to-tail storage of your capsuled or corked and wired bottles. The kit is made up of three grilles to be positioned in the TSR® to store 630 bottles and in the riddling box to store 663 bottles.

VITEFF Innovation prize 2011.

Logo prix à l'innovation Viteff

Special offer !

The holding kit is at 30€ instead of 40€

Price is VAT ex. Offer valid while stocks last.

Loading stirrup with toggle clamp

Designed to facilitate the installation of the spacer bar after loading the bottles, the loading stirrup requires few effort thanks to the lever system.

Contact us for more information


The lifting system that is attached to your forklift truck to handle your TSR® container with bottles stored on their sides or neck-down. Available in two versions: single attachment for a lifting system using only hooks, mixed attachment for a lifting system using hooks and forks for other kinds of handling.

calage bois / wooden separators

Wooden separators for special bottles

These wooden separators are for positioning in the TSR® containers and boxes for riddling small quantities of special bottles.

Stacking tray for special bottles

This plastic thermoformed tray is designed to stack the bottles head-to-tail. The tray is intercalated between two lays of bottles thus avoiding shocks. Needing few maintenance, this stacking tray is made of light and solid plastic material.