Discover our foldable boxes for the storage of Champagne and all sparkling or still wines. They are stackable on 5 heights. With the stacking tray, re-use your riddling boxes to store your bottles head-to-tail.

Use the plastic thermoformed tray to store your special bottle shaped in the foldable box.

Store your 6th side grid in the storage rack made in this purpose.

Champagne and still wines bottles storage

Foldable storage box for Champagne bottles

This foldable sillage case is designed to store 339 Champagne bottles neck-down and 500 bottles on their sides. Made with metal wires, this sillage container is ideal to store your sparkling wine bottles before and after disgorging.

Foldable storage box for Burgundy bottles

The storage of Burgundy bottles is ideal with this foldable sillage case made to store 600 bottles of this still wine.

Foldable storage box for Bordeaux bottles

Store your 600 Bordeaux bottles in this foldable sillage case made for a best storage of your wine bottles.

Foldable storage box for 37,5 cl bottles

In this foldable sillage box store your 1 008 37,5 cl bottles in safety. The storage of bottle is ideal in this metal wires box.

Foldable storage box for Magnum

This foldable sillage case is designed to store your Magnum bottles. Made with metal wires this container is ideal to store 210 sparkling wine bottles before and after disgorging.

In option, discover the plastified wedging kit which adapt with your special bottles.

Foldable storage box for Cremant bottles

To store your Cremant bottles, choose the foldable sillage box made for the storage of these bottles. This metal wires case is designed to store 500 bottles of sparkling wine before and after disgorging.

Foldable storage box for Jura bottles

This foldable sillage box is ideal to store your Jura bottles for the Arbois wine, yellow wine… This metal box is designed to store 600 wine bottles.

kit de calage tête bêche / head-to-tail holding kit

Head-to-tail storage kit

Use your riddling box and TSR® container to store your capsuled or corked and wired bottles head-to-tail. The kit is made up of three grilles to be positioned in the TSR® to store 630 bottles and in the riddling box to store 663 bottles.


VITEFF Innovation prize 2011.

Logo prix à l'innovation Viteff

Special offer !

The storage kit is at 30€ instead of 40€

Price is VAT ex. Offer valid while stocks last.

Rack de stockage pour grilles 6ème face

Storage rack for 6th side grids

This rack has been made to store your 6th side grids. Stackable up to 5 height, it can contained 56 6th side grids or riddling doors.

Stacking tray for special bottles

This plastic thermoformed tray is designed to stack the bottles head-to-tail. The tray is intercalated between two lays of bottles thus avoiding shocks. Needing few maintenance, this stacking tray is made of light and solid plastic material.