Our services

Oeno Concept offers a range of services to help you in the use of our wine-making equipments (Gyropalette®, riddling control, grape presses, etc) and better optimize your process.

Retrofit service

Upgrade your riddling installation
Your riddling installation is 10 years old or older ? Its unit control is now obsolete, it is safer to replace it. The new generation of units control has up-to-date functionalities which will bring you more comfort and more performance.

The concerned units control

LPZ unit control


retrofit : automate lpz

Atcom unit control


retrofit : automate atcom

V1 and V2 units


retrofit : automates v1 et v2

V1 ACAI S unit control


retrofit : automate acai s

Other brands

retrofit : autres marques

After-sales services

Oeno Concept, manufacturer of wine-making products, also offer services to accompany you in the use of our equipments.

Riddling A.S.

Our teams work all year round on riddling installations, pressing centers, vats centers, etc. We are at your disposal to answer all questions regarding the use of our products.

Harvest time A.S.

The harvest time after-sales is open 24h a day and 7 days a week during the Champagne harvest time. This number is indicated on our Magnum® presses and is reserved for after-sales intervention during pressings.

Gyropalette® preventative and ongoing maintenance service

service maintenance Gyropalette

For all Gyropalette purchase, we offer Maintenance service, which aims at perpetuating your installation.

Once a year, we work on-site on the following parts :

  • Control of the general state of mechanical components
  • Greasing of inclining and tilting elements
  • Adjustments of limit switch heads and brackets (if needed)
  • Control of electric components (unit control)

Grape presses service

pressoir avant la mise en route

Starting up

The starting up service for Magnum® presses is proposed before the Champagne harvest time.
The following checks will be conducted :

  • Adjustment of compressed air
  • Connecting of the washing water
  • Control of power supply
  • Control of mechanical elements
  • Configuration of the touch-screen control unit
service mise en repos pressoir

Temporary resting

The temporary resting is conducted after Champagne harvest time. The following checks are made :

  • Air and water supplies
  • Power supply
  • Greasing of mechanical and drive elements