Riddling boxes and TSR®

For the riddling of cremant, champagne or any other sparkling wine made with the “methode traditionnelle”, choose our riddling boxes 504® and TSR® adapted to your constraints. All our riddling boxes are available in standard format (traditional bottles) or in special format.

Our riddling boxes and TSR® are made in Champagne region, in our factory located in Mourmelon-le-Petit.

With our research’s laboratory, we manufacture the riddling boxes and TSR® for special bottles, made-to-measure.

TSR® (Bottling-Storage-Riddling)

Use the riddling container TSR® to store and riddle 504 bottles in a Gyropalette®. Thanks to its rigidity, the TSR® can be used from bottling to disgorging. You don’t handle the bottles during the whole process. Its hooks prehension system facilitates the TSR®, whether the bottles are on racks or on necks. The container TSR® optimizes the storage volume, thus allowing to save space of nearly 20%.

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Riddling box 504®

Strength and sustainability define this monobloc box which can contain 504 bottles. Made to be used with our riddlers of our Gyropalette® range, it can be used from bottling to disgorging. A classic forklift handles the riddling box, bottles on racks or neck down.

Vidéos :

Video of loading a box in an automatic cage.

Video of unloading a box in an automatic cage.

Video of loading a crate into an open cage.

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Riddling bolted box

This riddling box is dismountable to facilitate the transport and storage. The bolted box is adapted to all our Gyropalette®. It can contain 504 bottles and be stacked on 4 heights with bottles on racks and on 3 heights with bottles neck down. Lifting by forks with a classic forklift.

Available for Standard, WP 106.
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Riddling box 255

This riddling box is specially designed for riddling your bottles in the Gyro Compact®. The interchangeable internal separators make it possible to riddle 255 traditional Champagne bottles, 255 Cremant bottles, 378 37.5 cl bottles and 84 Magnums in a single cage.

Contact us with any requests for separators to arrange your special bottles in riddling cages.
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In addition to our boxes and TSR®, choose the riddling accessories that will be the best suitable to your needs.

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